Pedestrian Accidents

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Unfortunately, there are many bus accidents throughout Southern California each year.  With the number of buses operating in San Diego, Orange Country, Riverside, and Los Angeles, bus accidents happen all the time.

Bus accidents sometimes involve a crash with a vehicle or a pedestrian.  Other times, you may have been a passenger on a bus and been involved in an accident, including falling while on the bus.

At The Nalan Law Firm, PC, we understand nobody expects to be in a busaccident.  That’s why we are here to help guide you when you’ve been in an accident.

It’s important that you take some critical steps as soon as an accident happens.  From talking to the car insurance, fixing your car, and getting the medical attention you need.  We can help guide you through these important steps for any car accident.

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Prior to founding The Nalan Law Firm, PC, Michael Nalan successfully handled hundreds of cases for over ten years. Michael is an experienced trial attorney and worked at several prominent law offices in Southern California, both as a plaintiff and defense attorney, which has provided him with invaluable insight into both sides of litigation and experience into many areas of law. After leading the litigation department of a local San Diego firm and managing a team of attorneys for several years, Michael determined the best way to serve his clients was to open a full-service law firm dedicated to bringing the best results based on his years of insight and experience.

It is undoubtedly hard work and dedication that has driven Michael and The Nalan Law Firm, PC to success. With this dedication and experience, we are sure to handle your legal matter to the most desirable outcome.

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