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Our commitment to winning your case means that we’ll always give you more than the other guys. We put the client first.

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The Nalan Law Firm believes in you and your case. We will fight for you and what’s right.

We are a San Diego Law Firm with over ten years in experience and specializing in Personal Injury, Car Accident, Employment Litigation, Business and Real Estate Disputes.

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“After my car accident, there was a lot to figure out. Surgery, insurance, missed work. Michael and his team handled my case with the utmost professionalism and helped ease the stressful situation. He fought for my case and it turned out better than I could have anticipated. Thank you, Michael!”


Linda R.

“I was incredibly fortunate to find Michael and his team to help with my case. They fought for my best interests after my motorcycle accident, very honest, efficient and listened to any concerns I had along the way. We reached a fair settlement and I would definitely recommend this firm.”


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Michael Nalan

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Julianne Nalan

San Diego Lawyer

San Diego Attorney

San Diego Lawyer

San Diego Lawyer

San Diego Lawyer

San Diego Lawyer

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