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Your Go-To Professional Real Estate Attorney in San Diego

At The Nalan Law Firm, PC, we focus exclusively on litigation matters. Our founding civil attorney in San Diego has years of experience practicing law.

When problems arise in any real estate or construction transaction, a professional real estate lawyer in San Diego at The Nalan Law Firm, PC is here to help. Our real estate, business and construction lawyers have focused their careers on litigation, which means that we know how to solve problems and use the legal system to protect your interests when disputes arise.

With years of experience, our attorneys are prepared to help investors, construction professionals, and owners of residential or commercial properties with their real estate issues and disputes. Whether you have fraud in the sale of property, non-disclosure issues, breach of contract, ownership disputes, real estate partnership disagreements, construction defects, or other real estate and construction related legal issues, you can count on real estate attorney in San Diego to represent your interests.

San Diego Business Litigation Attorneys

When a dispute arises in real estate or construction, your project may be delayed or your transaction disrupted. Or, if there was fraud in the transaction, an immediate and aggressive approach may be needed to free up the property for use. Resolving the problem quickly and efficiently is essential to preserving the value of your investment and to making the real estate investment a success. Every San Diego real estate lawyer at The Nalan Law Firm, PC is dedicated to developing strategic solutions to solving problems that commonly arise in the field of real estate.

We understand that for most clients, the goal is to keep the project moving forward and ensure a successful completion of the construction or real estate investment. We will consider your long-term needs and help you to find the best approach to resolving your issues or disputes.

Getting Legal Help

Disputes arising from real estate and construction projects are too important to resolve without a full understanding of your rights and of how the law protects you.  Commercial real estate lawyer in San Diego at The Nalan Law Firm, PC is ready to represent you. Call us today at (619) 736 0080 to schedule a consultation with an expert San Diego real estate lawyer for more information on how we can help.

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Types of real estate cases we look forward to assisting you with:

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