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One of the Leading Business Litigation Firms in San Diego

The Nalan Law Firm, PC is a reputable business law firm in San Diego that provides full-service legal representation throughout the business litigation process. We have years of collective experience representing companies in all types of business disputes. From contract fraud to shareholder derivative actions, we represent corporations, private companies, emerging companies and individuals in all aspects of business and commercial litigation.

How An Attorney Can Help with Real Estate and Construction Litigation

Business disputes can be resolved through successful settlement negotiation or through a courtroom trial. It is essential to prepare the strongest case possible to negotiate on solid footing for a favorable resolution. Having a strong case, solid legal arguments and extensive evidence also makes it possible to meet the burden of proving your claim in court.

Success in business litigation requires not just legal skills but also dedicated preparation and the ability to make compelling arguments to a judge or a jury. At The Nalan Law Firm, PC, our business litigation attorneys in San Diego are trial lawyers with a history of successful verdicts. We are also business owners who understand the importance of the bottom line and of preserving and
protecting the long-term interests of your company (including the recovery of interest!). Our approach to your case is tailored to the needs of your organization, with a focus on efficiently achieving the best outcome.

Our experienced business lawyer in San Diego can advise you of your legal options, help you to develop a trial preparation plan, assist you in understanding your legal rights and guide you in making informed choices. Our attorneys have the skills to maximize the chances of a successful and favorable out-of-court settlement and we have the trial experience to present your case to a judge, jury or appellate court. At every step, our corporate lawyer in San Diego remains focused on your organizational interests and on making sure the legal system works effectively to protect your business.

Getting Legal Help from Business and Commercial Litigation Attorneys

Whether your organization has been named as a defendant or you need to file a lawsuit to secure your corporate rights, The Nalan Law Firm, PC can provide the legal representation you need. Our trial lawyers have represented both large and small businesses throughout all phases of the litigation and trial process. Call (619) 736 0080 today to speak with a legal business attorney in San Diego and
learn more about how we can assist with your case.

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Types of business litigation cases we look forward to assisting you with:

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