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We Are Experienced Civil Litigation Lawyers In San Diego

In San Diego, the real estate market is often volatile and highly competitive. Parties frequently enter into real estate and construction contracts worth millions of dollars. Because of the high stakes, it is
essential for all parties involved in real estate or construction matters to have qualified legal advice.

Civil court procedures have many nuances that non-lawyers rarely know about. Making a mistake when you are trying to navigate a civil case by yourself can crush your chances of a successful outcome. Our firm can assist you with all phases of the litigation process and partner with you to seek out the best result for you, your family or your company.

Being served a Civil Summons can be an extremely stressful and confusing situation.

The Nalan Law Firm, PC will address your civil litigation concerns and offer you peace of mind. If you’re looking for reliable litigation services in San Diego, The Nalan Law Firm, PC should be your first choice for civil litigation and appeal cases.

Unfamiliar with litigation law practice? Litigation attorney in San Diego handles complex cases and obtains real results to help business owners resolve breach of contract disputes. We are by no means the only litigation law practice in San Diego, but we are the most reliable.  We defend our clients aggressively, effectively and in a financially responsible manner.

We offer a unique Billing Pledge to all our clients

We are mindful of every second of time we spend and the client’s desire to minimize fees while seeking expert legal service, so we only record the time necessary to achieve the client’s goal.
We believe great client service begins with fair and honest billing practices. Our firm provides exceptional service while minimizing expenses and protecting your assets.

The Nalan Law Firm, PC will do quality work efficiently, and we will give you a clear breakdown of the tasks and hours performed in your case.

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Types of civil litigation cases we look forward to assisting you with:

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