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San Diego Restraining Order Lawyers

When someone else’s actions are making things difficult for you or your family, you may feel like you no longer have control over your life. You should never feel like that. A lawyer for restraining orders in San Diego at The Nalan Law Firm, PC utilizes the court of law to help people like you regain control of their life so they can focus on what’s most important to them.

Take Back Control of Your Life

Are you bothered by the fact that another person has taken it upon themselves to derail your life? Maybe they’re harassing you and you need help making them stop; or, maybe they are filing a restraining order against you out of spite to disrupt your career. How do you make it so this other person no longer has such a strong impact on your livelihood? Where do you turn to for help?
Here, you’re already in the right spot.

San Diego restraining orders, whether requesting protection or defending against a restraining order filed against you, are an area of the law that requires a knowledgeable and trustworthy restraining order attorney. When aiming to defend your freedoms and challenge a possible restraining order, you need an attorney that will support you every step of the way in a professional manner, offering advice and representation that protects your best interests. Our team at The Nalan Law Firm, PC has substantial experience with restraining orders and we may be able to help you with your situation.

Restraining orders are intended to shield the protected party from abuse, threats of violence, and ongoing harassment by the restrained party. Restraining orders can prohibit conduct such as impermissible contact and communication including, but not limited to, phone calls, text messages, e-mails, and social media interactions.

Why Should You Hire an Attorney for a Restraining Order?

While you do not technically need to hire an attorney to request or contest a restraining order, there are many benefits of working with a restraining order lawyer, including:

Your search for a professional lawyer for civil harassment restraining order in San Diego will certainly finish at The Nalan Law Firm, PC. Call (619) 736 0080 today for legal help!

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